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Eventful May

Hello lovely people,

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend :) I woke up yesterday feeling absolutely terrible, like I’d been on a bender and hadn’t quite slept off the drunk or worked into the hangover. I didn’t drink on Friday night! I rarely drink these days and when I do *touch wood* I don’t get hungover or wake up drunk as I only have a few instead of having a few to start the night out! I woke up initially at 8am and fed the cats who had politely waited until then to start miaowing and scratching at my door and in general being a nuisance. I then stumbled back to my bed to wake at 11.30am. This is unheard of for me, especially as I’d been asleep before midnight Friday so that was A LOT of sleep for someone who regularly gets 6 hours and thinks that 6 hours of unbroken sleep is the work of a magician. I forced myself up and to have breakfast, and get on with my day. Which was to go and do the grocery shopping, then picked up my flatmate and our friend and we went to get our nails done. My flatmate and I were not quite as excited as our friend; he has been asking us for about three weeks “when are we getting our nails done?” so the fact that we FINALLY went made his week, perhaps even month haha No he’s not gay even though my other flatmate proceeded to tell him this must be a sign of that. My friend and flatmate got pedicures, I rudely (instant response) said “NO” when the lovely lady at the nail salon asked if I was too, I instead just got a gel manicure. I think I have a phobia of feet, or surrounding feet. I HATE with all my being having my feet touched, the few times I’ve sprained my ankle has been unbearable on more than one level when at physiotherapy as of course it hurts but more painful is the having my foot touched! I kick, I scream, I threaten, all of this is the instant and very strong reaction to the whole thing. The thought of having a pedicure makes my skin crawl and watching my friends get theirs done has assured me I made the right decision. Not only that the amount of dead skin that is peeled off is just disgusting. I also hate other people’s feet. I’m sorry but feet are not pretty, they are not something to be enthused by, they are useful and get us from A to B and we can adorn them with magnificent shoes but they are not pretty and I do not want to know about your feet. So aside from that it was quite a pleasant Saturday. We then made bruschetta (our version of) for a very late lunch before cooking spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and then brownie for dessert. That was not a “clean” meal at all! 

Today I have been watching online TV – 2 Broke Girls has my attention at the moment, and of course Big Bang Theory. I am in need of a new show to watch online though so any suggestions gratefully received. I don’t like Game of Thrones, I’ve fallen asleep watching it about four times now and it just doesn’t interest me. I’m about to attempt Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black but keen to hear about any others.

My good friend moved back from the UK late last year and was intending on being here to stay. Last night she told me she’s off again at the end of May and her leaving do is next Saturday so as sad as it will be to say goodbye it will be fun to see everyone and say goodbye (for the second time). She’s either going to Germany or Ireland. Germany is her first choice if she can get a job but apparently it is tricky to get a job there if you don’t speak German – she does not. 

In addition to my online TV watching (I’m not normally this lazy but as I am STILL recovering from my head cold / flu I am having yet another “rest day” and will get back into exercise tomorrow) I’ve been online looking at google images of ombre hair styles. I decided I need a change and a bit of “sprucing up” as my Dad would say. I’ve got long(ish) dark brown hair and haven’t coloured it for at least 6 months and haven’t cut it for even longer. My regrowth (thankfully) is only a few shades lighter than the bulk of the hair so it’s not the horrendous look it could be. I was going to wait and see what my natural colour is once it gets longer but I don’t know that I can! I’m hopeful that a talented hair dresser can take it back to the natural brunette and then we can ombre over that. I also don’t know if my wallet will handle it haha Time will tell I guess.

As for my title “eventful May” it appears that everything is happening in May. My friends leaving party, then the following weekend I’ve been invited to two different 21st birthday parties and also a “cool kids” outing with my work buddies. Work buddies win on this account as at 27 I find myself thinking “I’m too old for this shizz” when I go to 21st’s. But really that’s just a poor excuse to bow out of attending. One of them is a 1920’s theme and I definitely do NOT want to dress up. I don’t know why, ordinarily I get into it and dress up in theme but I just don’t want to. The other 21st is held at a friends house and I think they are trying to boost numbers as I don’t even know the birthday girl! So that is my third option for that evening, possibly even fourth after the staying home option!

Anyway that’s about it from me, have a lovely rest of your weekend.

Crazy Cat Lady xx

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